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Your general well being is not a guessing game, Telehealth Finder is designed to put you in touch with psychologists and therapists all over Australia to suit your individual requirements.

Know your psychologist

TeleHealth Finder

At Telehealth finder, our team is dedicated to consistently including the best therapists and psychologists within Australia to ensure you are provided with the right health care professional for your circumstances.

Our mission is to make sure Australian’s are taking care of their health and giving them the ability to do so, in the comfort of their own home, with ease.

Medicare Coverage

You may be eligible to Redeem a Benefit, since 20th July 2020, the Commonwealth Government has stopped Medicare rebates and bulk billing for Telehealth GP Consultations. 

Current COVID-19 health measures may apply. 

Qualified Therapists

All health care professionals listed on Telehealth finder are qualified, registered, experienced, and insured.

Our health practitioners all comply with the current professional standards for telehealth and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Guidelines for technology-based patient consultations.

Online doesn't mean impersonal

Our online doctors are readily available and can be spoken to privately, in the comfort of your own home.

You can also request medical certificates and referrals for specialist and pathology tests etc.

Psychologist Benefits

  1. Service delivery growth opportunities
  2. Improved clinical workflows and increase efficiency, e.g. time savings
  3. More cost-effective delivery of service through higher patient flow and time savings
  4. Improved coordination of care and service integration.

Patient Benefits

  1. Improved access to healthcare, i.e. greater equity
  2. Reduced travel, expense and time away from home
  3. Reduced waiting times supporting faster diagnosis and appropriate treatment
  4. Improved continuity and quality of care
  5. Local treatment from a known healthcare provider, under specialist supervision
  6. Increased opportunity to contact your healthcare provider.

You deserve to be happy.
Your mental health matters.

Accessible 24/7

Appointments can generally be made within the hour and you'll be able to receive 24/7 medical advice for a range of conditions, medical certificates and perscriptions where appropriate.

Book your appointment

Locate your preferred provider and use our simple booking system to find a suitable day/time that you'll be available for your own tele-health appointment.

Security and privacy

Using telehealth finder you will use end to end encrypted video link and your data will be locked by a secured network.

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